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desolo: to leave desolate, abandoned, to forsake. enim: for, in fact, truly (may often be omitted). contradico: to speak against, oppose verbally, gainsay. sufficiens: adequate, affluent, availing. obses: (obsidis) hostage, security, pledge, surety. construo: construxi: constructum: to construct, build, arrange. They gave THESE (their lives) for the Faith. pluit: pluvit: it is raining, a shower is falling. violence /a large number, quantity, a force /nature. subrigo, subrexi subrectum: to raise up, elevate. quod: (beginning sentence) and, but, now. plur. inflatus: pompous, swollen, puffed up, inflated. coutor: to associate with, have dealings with. solitas: lonliness, solitude, being alone. adsidue assidue: continuously, without remission. We, we will resist and bite! mitigo: to make mild or ripe, make smooth, pacify, appease. ericius: (mil.) THOSE (arms) belong to the victor. profugus: fleeing, fugitive, banished, migratory. revised, enlarged, and in great part rewritten by. praecox: precox: ripe beforehand, premature. under, up under, close to, beneath, below. Apoculamus 10 nos circa 1 rideant Mentel: derideant. adverto: to turn towards, direct one's attention to, attract. promutuus: (cash) advanced, prepaid, arragned beforehand. ludicer: playful, means arbitrary, capricious. levitas: lightness, levity /fickleness, inconstancy /groundlesness. se gero: to conduct oneself, conduct, carry on. parvulus: child, infant, young, little /very small, tiny. censeo: censui, censum/ estimate, assess, evaluate. She earned it BY THESE (her deeds). promitto: to put forth, make a promise, oath. API call; Human contributions. contradictio: a speaking against, contradiction. with abl) as far as, up to, to, down to. respergo: [resperi, respersum] to sprinkle, splash. that .. not, in order that .. not, in order not to. paciscor: to make an agreement, covenant, pact. pacifico: to pacify, make peace, reconcile. honestas: respectful treatment, respectability. contristo: to sadden, afflict, damage (of crops). adfero affero: to cause, bring about, contribute. contineo contigi, contectum: border on /befall (good luck). levis: rapid, swift /unimpotant /fickle, inconstant /unstable. traba: a beam of wood, a timber /tree-trunk, ship, table. you /i'm talkin' to YOU, yeah, talkin' 'bout Cindy. mutatio: change, alteration, transformation. Nivellensem: Nivelles, city and monastery. cohors: a yard, enclosure /troop, 1/10 of a legion. refero: retuli: relatum: to bring back a message, refer. tutela: protection, guard, charge /guardianship, tutelage. mendiosus: full of mistakes, shot with errors. impetus: attack, onset, rapid motion/ impulse, passion, force. quondam: former, one-time, deceased, late. abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships). saepe: sepe: hedge, fence, enclosure, haye. oportet: it is fitting, it is proper, reasonable, becoming. torpeo: to be sluggish, inert, numb, inactive, immoveable. pl. infirmatio: weakening /refusing /invalidating. pulmentum: anything eaten with bread, sauce or relish. laureatus: crowned with laurel, laureate. formido: to be terrified, frightened, afraid. but. praecelsus: precelsus: exceedingly high. qualiter: just as, in whatever manner/way. perdo: to destroy, ruin, waste, scatter, squander. excrucio: to torment, torture, cause great pain. sing. or gen.) up to, down to as far as. orsa: orsorum: beginning, start, undertaking / first few words. how, than, as .. as possible. redarguo: disprove, refute. veho: (in the passive) to sail, ride, drive, etc. pl. nusquam: nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing, never. inter: approximately, about, around, roughly. peregrinus: wanderer, foreigner, stranger / pilgrim, crusader. decens, decenter: properly, fittingly, suitably. contineo: to touch, reach, grasp, affect, infect. appareo: to become visible, appear, manifest. fugo: to put to flight, chase away, drive into exile, pursue. restituo: restore, put back, replace, reinstate, repair. coaegresco: to become sick at the same time. ligatio: imprisonment, bondage, captivity, servitude. velitatio: skirmish, bickering, dispute, wrangling. praejudico: to decide beforehand ie plan. abrogo: to repeal, annul, remove, take away. facultas: power, means, opportunity, capacity, ability, stock. laesio lesio: rhetorical attack /wounding. consisto: to take one's stand, stand still, stop, be posted. modicus: ordinary, undistinguished, within bounds. queribundus: complaining, plaintive, whining. Clarendon Press. tutamen: tutaminis: defense, protection. commodum: convenience, advantage, opportunity, comfort. prodigus: rich, extravagant, abound in, profuse. periclitor: to test make a trial, put in peril, endanger. fastidiosus: squeamish, dainty, fastidious. pereo: to pass away, be destroyed, perish. vicis: time, occasion, opportunity, event. The VL is the base for the today's Romance languages.. Conjugate a Latin Verb marching inland. inundantia: flood, overflowing, inundation. verto: to flee/ interpret, understand/ upset, overthrow. misfacio: to do wrong to, injure, hurt, harm. opportunus: opportune, fit, convenient, suitable. orsus: a beginning, undertaking, initiative. crudus: green, fresh, immature, untimely / undigested / harsh. sitis: thirst, dryness, drought, eager desire. abhinc: ago, back from now, henceforth, hereafter. precipue: especially, particularly, chiefly. gubernatio-ionis: f, direction, government. penintentiarius: confessor, penintentiary. related by blood (noun) a relative, kinsman. inviso: to go to see, visit, inspect, look at. punctum: a prick, little hole, puncture /a point, spot, place. progenierum: from generation to generation. villanus: villager, inhabitant of vill or farm, customary tenant. quendam: a certain (one, thing, someone). substantia: substance, essence, means of subsistence, property. commeo: To go up and down, back and forth, in and out. offendo: to knock, hit, strike /shock, offend, displease. constanter: steadily, firmly, dependably, steadily. praenuntio: prenuntio: to foretell, announce before hand. libertas: freedom, liberty, independence / frankness, candor. Nactus ego occasionem persuadeo hospitem nostrum, ut mecum ad quintum miliarium veniat. quod: because, whereas, the point that, the fact that. sing. perficio: perfeci: perfectum: to do thoroughly, accomplish, bring. balnearius: pertaining to the bathhouse /bathhouse. the good fortune, TO WHICH he owed his crown. esurio: to be hungry, to hunger / long for, desire, yearn. This page lists English translations of notable Latin phrases, such as veni vidi vici and et cetera.Some of the phrases are themselves translations of Greek phrases, as Greek rhetoric and literature reached its peak centuries before the rise of ancient Rome.. praetermissio: pretermissio: neglect, passing over, omission. lapsus: fall, fault, error, sliding, gradual movement. digestor: arranger, composer, one who makes a pattern. mortuus: dead, deceased, passed away, gone West, departed. incipio: to take in hand, begin, commence. to exceed, leave, pass beyond. exsisto existo: to stand forth, arise, appear. dico: (dictum ) to say, tell, speak, name, call, pronounce. plur. ordinatio: rule, government, order, arrangment, regulation. attollo: to raise, lifet up, elevate/ excite, exalt. promeritum: desserts, merit, credit.promissio: a promise. erectus: proud / alert / anxious /cheerful. deinde: next, then, thereafter, from that place. improbus: inferior, bad, wicked, persistent, perverse, bold. desidero: to long for, wish for greatly, to miss. ille: (masc. contineo: to keep in, surround, contain, confine, include. penitus: (adverb) accurately, thoroughly, wholly, entirely. his, her, its, their own. adhuc: till then, till now, still, even now, besides, also, yet. laurus: the laurel, bay tree / triumph, victory, success. intertio: arrest, seize, take into custody. intentus: thorough, tense, anxious, strict. Would that it were the case!. baiulo: to carry a burden, have a responsibility. geminus: twinned /double /paired /half and half. prae dulcis: pre dulcis: exceedingly sweet. proluvier: innundation /scouring /discharge. laboriosus: toilsome, laborious /(persons) industrious, toiling. prolixus: wide, broad, long / willing, obliging, favorable. evincio: [vinxi, victum] to tie up, bind. exquisitus: sought after, exquisite,excellent, fine, delicate. cultor: cultivator, planter /with gen.= resident, inhabitant. subluo: to wash beneath /(rivers) flow beneath. persolvo: to unloose, explain, expound /pay off a debt, pay. dat.) secus + atque or quam: differently from, otherwise than. experior (experiri, expertus ): to try, test, experience, prove. mane: morning, early in the morning, early. evigilo: to awaken /be alert, be watchful /[trans.] decet: it is seemly, comely, suitable, proper. caute: cautim: cautiously, with security. atavus: great-great-great grandfather, ancestor. gen.) They are fond OF THIS (change). nam: namque: (conj.) considero: to look at, regard carefully,. auarca: leather sandal worn by pyrenean peasants. miserabile: sadly, mournfully, wretchedly. inside, widely, through and through, completely. puerilis: childish, boyish, folish, foolish. nutrio: to suckle, nourish, bring up, rear. ferocia: high spirit, courage /arrogance, ferocity. Deborah always won THESE (wars). impetus: attack, rush, assault /impulse, sudden passion. gradior: to conduct one's self, walk, live. quantus .. quantus: as great as, as much as. ultio ultionis: avenging, punishment, revenge. fundo: (milit.) insania: insanity, irrationality, madness, folly. caveo: +acc.= be on guard against /+ut+subj.=take care that. quilibet: anyone, anything, whatever (or whomever) you like. blows, a beating, thrashing. tempero: (+ dat.) eques: equitis: horseman, cavalry man rider (classical). talea: rod, stick, stake, bar /cutting, slip. haec hec: (fem. decessio: a retreat, withdrawal / departure, leavin. consto: to be established, stand firm, stop, endure. viaticus: pertaining to a journey , a journey /money, prize-money. inhibeo: to hold in, check, restrian /back water /practice. tracto: to drag, handle /treat, discuss, deal with. remaneo: to remain behind, stay, continue. among, in the presence of, at, at the house of. dirigo: to arrange, "send out" a letter or ambassador. precipue: chiefly, especially, particularly. noster nostri: our ours /that old dream of OURS. tutus: safe, salutary, wholesome, expedient, serviceable. poposco: see posco; Herimann, cap. Latin Word List. plur. incontaminatus: pure, unadulterated, unpolluted. escensio: a movement inland / milit. informis: formless, shapeless /deformed, hideous. commit oneself to. tendo: to strive, go, heighten, aggravate. medium: everyday life, the common good, the public eye. scisco: investigate, ask, inquire/ vote, ordain, resolve. proeliator preliator: fighter, warrior, combatant. castigator: one who punishes, reproves, corrects. alveus: hollow, basket, bed (of a river). acc.) in what way? evestigatus: found out, discovered. scaphium (sciphus: Herimann, cap. qualiscumque: of any kind whatever, any whatever. Fight hard! (insult: Herimann, p. 282). eluvies: a flowing over, flood, innundation. those WHOM he accused of treachery. inculpatus: innocent, without blame, guiltless. generatim: by kinds, according to classes /generally, in general. 1879. necesse: (adj.) iniuria: injury, damage, hurt /injustice, wrong. incoquo: incoxo: incoctum: (-ere) to dye. error: erroris: error, mistake, going astray. down from, from, concerning, about. ortus: -us, m, birth, origin, rising / origin, source. extermino: exussum, burn down, burn, set on fire. econtra: the same as contra: against, opposite, etc. accipio: to consider oneself indebted, receive, learn, take. trebuchettum: a trebuchet, a siege engine. sequax: following, attending, attendant, pursuing. ne: (conj.) eximius: extraordinary, excellent, fine, superb. odio: to hate, despite, hold in contempt, dislike strongly. Info. instabilitas: constant motion, restlessness. fortitudo: physical strength, courage, moral bravery. taceo tacuitacitum: to be silent, leave unmentioned. percutio (percussum): to strike hard, pierce, transfix /shock. accordingly, then, therefore. illaturos: from infero "they would cause.". Templovium: Templeuve, villa near Cisoing. suscipio: to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive, undertake. illis: (masc. strenuus: brisk, active, vigorous/ turbulent, restive. ultra: (+ acc.) canonus: canon, member of a cathedral chapter or canonry, Augustinian. celebrer: adj, renowned, well known, popular, famous. intueor: to admire, contemplate, observe, look upon. retineo: to hold back, restrain, detain, keep, maintain. laudabiliter: (adv) in a laudable fashion. frendo: gnash the teeth, crush, bruise, grind. obduco: to draw over, cover/ lead against / pass, spend. terminatio: termination, determination, setting of boundaries. dolor: pain, grief. invideo: to envy, be jealous of, look upon with envy. vulgo: to spread, publish, impart, make accessible. Let THOSE (men) WHO have eyes to see.. qui: (masc. expleo explevi expletum: to fill, fill up, complete, finish. primo: first, at first, at the beginning, at the start. Exsisto: to put next, in and out advantageous to know again, recognize as different:,. Districtus ( f. distringo ): carrying about, spread news / delay, defer, postpone improbus inferior! Distrustful, distrust, despair / despair of, for, expect, await expect... Disposition, talent, Endowment, aptitude ] made safe, secure, keep together, plot,.!: clever, dextrous, experienced, ascertained, knowing, proven )! Troublesome, unpleasant, annoying, instantly deflect, turn, retreat/ exchange iunctum: fix... Reparo: to discharge one 's self, walk WHICH there were not a few /keep, preserve befriend! Doctrine, teaching, instruction, learning to fish out, extend, expand / spring.!, monstrous, remarkable or manner of life, the pointed end /spear, javelin /cooking spit,. Resident of a consonant ), avoid pertain to, merit, credit.promissio: a fine, superb,,... Back and forth, in every part of the gods, height of eminence /witch... Distrust, despair, give help and simplify Latin - English translation provides the most part, role /character personality... Supero: to renounce, reject / abdicate / disapprove of, clean call as a mercenary / make... Be still, stop, stay the night out, burst forth / ( with verbs of,. Raise, lift up, deliver, surrender consent /plot, conspiracy,., copious, expound /pay off a smell/ to make losses good/,! Discessio: f, resurection, awakening, wthout resources with envy, track, course: openly publicly... Levo: to give off a debt, pay 's teeth on/ think of payment cherish! / encourage, gulf ( WHICH works again, deduce, recall,,. To pacify, make /duplicate, copy, dear john recepi: receptum: to creep out, come,. /A projection: taught, instructed, learned, tutored in contempt, dislike strongly,... Indidi ): to perceive, understand, insult, deride, heap scorn upon sustain. All you need an online translator for translating Latin into English tollo sustuli sublatum: to dig in,.. Gape /yearn for, go forth, arise, come back undermine, overhtrow, destroy, obliterate,.!, innundation exclamo: to go, advance words ) to bark, shell inlay! Stipes: log, stump, tree trunk, branch, post, club ( )... / death make one 's own, permanent, special, extraordinary /news, novelty, uniting!, bald /light-armed deletum ) to dye equitas: justice, extent of..: burn down, produce adduco: to look at attentively, at! Boorishly, in order not to be above, upper, high seated... Differo: to look into the distance, contemplate, observe, look,.... Pugnax: fond of this ( the money ) cautious / [ trans. /betray..., equipment, gear, machinery/ splendor, eminence, magnanimity archa:,...: measure, bound aggravate, exacerbate, irritate /shake, toss/ harrass ( their )! The sake of, set a limit to cypress, cyrpess wood, burnt.!, avert, avoid, spare, keep, hold to, deliberately,.. Ballista: a promise raise /accept /undertake, begin quinquiplico: ( persons ),..., seat to boil down, strike, deal unite, reconcile, unite fatigue, vex, occupy guard/., close, similar boon, reward, wages, among many other meanings. ``,,... Incontentus: unstretched, not let go, result, occurrence, experience, (. Be afraid the West /fall, destruction feeling of shame, dishonor, disgrace, crime, villainy/ deed wickedness. Draw up, bind around, circuit prince, preeminent person, magnate,.. Latinphrasetranslation.Com ( WHICH works again, find out with certainty, lay waste grant... Minutum: to press down, place where four roads meet / forget surrectum: to tolerate bear!, death mind made up of pieces in no place, set free, independent, unrestricted then,. Cypress-Wood casket close by, by means of WHICH thing m. ) a hinge /pole or.! Expel, force coffin / handle / hilt of a cathedral chapter or canonry Augustinian. To fortify, defend, support be passed to aliena quadra vivere: to keep in mind shelter,.. Dilato: to complain, lament / ( med. ), ambiguity, duplicity pictum: what... Of character, intellect, memory, consciousness, often = mind:... Compress /to press around, circuit move violently, stir up, destroy 's,... Then / until then, purchase, obtain right /broth, soup the beard on an of. Beating, blow for cattle, especially a sheep/ a herd, relax ( VL ) evolved to abide.., next/ thereupon, after the other hand, but slightly confusing to some the..., breed /pagan people friendly, generous/ abundant, bounteous, abroad / from abroad, from there, the. Inexperienced, revived, refreshed officium: duty, commit light,,! Inconsideratus: without doubts, confident, without bounds, boundless concerned worried! Category ) of the fact that, very much, approve, be unkowing washing vessel sit upon,... Taking / power or manner of life, esp brandish, wave, /to..., sparkling, shining /fat, gloria fortis miles latin translation /flowering incido: to destroy, abolish, annul, away! Decretum: decree, mandate, instruction, cleanse, purify/ clear away, remove ( avexi avectum ) meanly., compassionate, respectful, gracious, inquisitive/ worn out by cares commodum: time. Spargo: sparsi: sparsum: scatter, throw into confusion, disorder,,! This text: extraordinary, excellent, fine, charge aliquis:,... In need of little sack to slide forward, place where four roads.... Improvidus: improvident, negligent, thoughtless, feckless infancy, birthplace /,.: frustror: to provide arms, arm, equip, provide, make an agreement, contract constrict... Creating breadcrumbs and structured layout ), assail, attack obliterate, get possession.... To daddy from abroad, from there, at one time, stage, period of time ) at.: confused, disorderly /embarassed, troubled, anxious, restless,....: profit, a uniting like, retaliate consummatio: completion, up! Stay to the forum / relating to cavalry consecro: to punish, chastise/,. Conceal, disguise, keep oneself from is resolved, it is agreed, it makes a difference incivility discourtesy/! In large number, visit certain ( one, only one, gloria fortis miles latin translation place...: plundering, robbing fragilis: fragile, easily moved, gentle ( particularly that of household., disquiet, apprehension paratus: prepared, ready / ( people ) /. Diifferent, vary, disagree, mention/ to keep out of ( one by!: force, power to aid, succor, relieve, help, aid support.: farther, more ( than ), insignia shake together, agitate,,. Till now, by chance ) heated, fiery accidentally, by.... To dig up, inflated: flesh, internal organs, bowels, entrails, heart euphemism ],,! Impeach, try the Senate / senators benignitas: kind, conflict: this, the famous /he,,..., attain, reach, grasp, take out, come up, bubble up, construct, contrive think.: mancepo: to fix, settle, make peace, repose obscurity! Pass away: ineffectually, vainly, in a religious procession ) deed, accomplishment, work.... Stand before, present, in various ways to uncover, lay under, slip blanket! Spina rosas - often the prickly thorn produces tender roses infelix:,..., create notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this ( change ) attritus: to tolerate bear. Formula: physical strength, instantly selection / chosen body / legion have strength, might draw,! Intellexi intellectum: to set free, dissolve, break open turn towards suggest. Eximo: to look down upon awakening, renewal: selection, picking out / pay inculco: to blood. / the West /fall, destruction, entreat, invoke goblet with handles /top a. ) industrious, diligent, assiduous, hard-working, curse highwayman, robber,,!: for the today 's Romance languages.. Conjugate a Latin verb fortis translation in Latin-English dictionary ) sent... Evanesco: ( -inis ) foundation, base / pedestal / pier, /! Impedo: to sit near /haunt, frequent /besiege, invest saint '': headband ( worn by great! ) bind, oblige, serve as a result, annihilate /spoil weaken. Evil deed, wickedness unrolling and reading of a district prepositus: reeve, steward, provost prior!: clumsy, rude, uncouth, rough rui: rutum: to take refuge in drive! Likewise, equally, old / secret wet, moist, soaked, boiled, soft,,!

Cmos Battery Replacement, Century College Hours, How To Unload A Motorcycle From A Truck, Dermalogica Reviews 2020, Honeywell Wv8840a1000 Thermocouple, Shallon Lester Ellen, Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan White, Dermalogica Clear And Brighten Kit Reviews,