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Growing your own asparagus roots is fun and healthy. Seed Needs, Mary Washington Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) Twin Pack of 85 Seeds Each Non-GMO 4.3 out of 5 stars 249. It is well adapted to the West Coast and very hardy. Seeds will ship out immediately & Asparagus will ship out beginning April 25th Mary Washington Asparagus crowns (4ct.) Large shoots have tight tips that are long standing and dark green tinged with purple. Asparagus Crowns, Jersey Varieties, 2 year old Asparagus Crowns, Mary Washington, Heirloom, 2 yr. old MILLENIUM ASPARAGUS CROWNS / ROOTS Asparagus Crowns, SWEET PURPLE, 2 year old Drip Irrigation Monuments Spread the roots evenly in the bottom of the furrow. Produces heavier yields with tighter tips than the original. *McKay Delivery - This shipping method can only be used when your delivery address is within 60 miles of Waterloo, Wisconsin. The Mary Washington is the classic asparagus. McKay will hand delivery your nursery stock. For direct sowing, plant the seeds after the last frost of spring. Mary Washington Asparagus are known as the standard garden asparagus. Do not harvest the spears in the first year, but cut down dead foliage in late fall and side-dress with compost. Generally ships from late December – May. Water well. Asparagus are excellent for canning and freezing. Sold in bundles of 10. If you’re not sure contact your local UW Extension office to help test your soil level. The stalks are succulent and dark green tinged with purple. Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that produces edible shoots or spears which may be harvested in April-May. Do not cut any new shoots, but allow the "ferny" foliage to grow and store food for next year. Plant Type: Perennial Grows Best In: Full Sun Day to Maturity: Early Spring to Late Spring Planting Depth: 5-8 cm or 2 Harvest in second year after planting. Seeds per pack: 100 Days till maturity: 2-3 years Perennial (Zones 3-10) This traditional variety is a long lasting perennial plant. Shipping and handling charges are not covered under the guarantee and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Mature size is around 3 - 4' tall x 12 - 24" wide. Heirloom - 1900 The Mary and Martha Washington varieties of asparagus were developed around 1900 for greater disease resistance. Mary Washington is a proven performer due to its vigour and good resistance to rust. Call 1-800-349-1071. Item #10339, Bare-root. Spears tend to be woody and tough when given too little water, but asparagus does not tolerate wet feet. Wait to transplant the crowns until the soil reaches a temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond the 6 week establishment period, water once per week, unless rains occur. Rating Content; Positive: On Apr 16, 2011, RebeccaLynn from Winston Salem, NC (Zone 7a) wrote: This is the 9th spring for my asparagus bed and it just gets better and better! How do you know if your plants need water? Water the asparagus after planting and as needed to keep the soil moist but not wet. Added bonus, it's rust resistant. The pencil thin spears are full of flavor and tender. only come in large B&B (balled & burlap) sizes only. Planting & Care for Edible Plants – Asparagus. Mary Washington Asparagus; $19.99. The Mary Washington plants are resistant to most diseases and will keep growing for up to 20 years! The Mary Washington asparagus is a popular variety that is rust resistant and easily grown. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This asparagus type is resistant to most asparagus diseases, including fusarium rust. The spears are actually undeveloped ferns which transfer energy to the crown in preparation for winter when allowed to develop in summer and fall. It is disease resistant and heavy yielding of tender, flavorful shoots. Originally released by agricultural explorer and plant breeder Dr. J.B. Norton in 1919. For example, perennials will typically only be offered in a #1 container size. This variety will produce an abundance of shoots. This variety is a high-yield perennial vegetable, and should provide a bountiful harvest for several years to come. Asparagus, Mary Washington is the standard variety for home or commercial planting. For best results, cut little or none of the asparagus plant until after the first year to ensure a large and healthy crop the next year. Soak roots in buckets of water until planted (preferably overnight). Therefore, in the 6-inch-deep furrow, you add 1 inch of compost, 1 inch of soil, then add additional soil up to 3 inches, filling in the furrow with a total of 5 inches of material. Mary Washington is America’s most popular asparagus plant for a reason! Make sure your soil pH level is around 6.5-7.0. For that reason, raised beds can be a good place to plant asparagus. 10 Pack. Asparagus can take three growing seasons to harvest; you may be able to lightly harvest during the second year. Mary Washington Asparagus is a delicate and fresh flavored gourmet vegetable. Add to Wishlist. Mary Washington Asparagus is an heirloom variety that is both easy to grow and so high-yielding! The Mary Washington Asparagus is an outstanding variety. Asparagus plants need a lot of room to grow, so make sure you pick a spot where they can flourish. 1 offer from $42.95. Add to Cart. Mary Washington Asparagus #01005. Plant in a permanent location - it is a perennial. 10 Pack. To make an asparagus bed, dig trenches 15-18 inches deep and 18 … Once approved, we will issue you a credit for the total cost of the plant(s) invoiced from McKay Nursery. Incorporate 4 inches of organic humus material, such as finished compost, aged manure, leaf mold, grass clippings and sphagnum peat, into the native soil to a depth of about 8 inches with a rototiller. Vegetable Asparagus Mary Washington. Go to our "Plant Features & Video Tab" for more information & tips on caring and maintaining this plant. Mary Washington Asparagus is an herbaceous , perennial plant which grows to 36 to 60" tall, with stout stems and clusters of feathery foliage. The seed planting depth should be 1 inch and the germination temperature should be 68 degrees Fahrenheit. During this period, water plants as often as every 2-4 days at the start and at least a minimum of once per week. The sizes listed below are not available for every product we offer. When the trench is filled, add a 4 to 8 inch layer of mulch and water regularly. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. Mary is a selection from Martha and is earlier and more r 21 Reviews Ask Questions. Make sure you plant in full sun, well-drained site but moist soil. Mary Washington Asparagus has a fantastic flavor and has been a trusted cultivar in American gardens. Plant grows up to 12″ tall. Create 6-inch-deep, 18-inch-wide furrows in the asparagus bed, using a garden hoe. P.O. You might want to install rock edging or a small fence to define the asparagus bed. Only registered users can write reviews. These vegetables can take up to 2 years to successfully grow, but the wait is well worth it, since this vegetable is one of the most rewarding. Visit us to learn more about our Mary Washington Improved Asparagus. There is a one-time only replacement policy for plants that have been purchased with a guarantee   We do require a photo sent via email to. $42.95. After the first season, plants should only be watered during extended periods without rain. Quantity. Great early Spring eating. This strong grower produces large, rich, green stalks. Qty. Once established each crown will produce about 1/2 lb of asparagus. Fine Gardening: Asparagus Officinalis (Asparagus), University of Missouri Extension: Growing Asparagus in Missouri, University of Illinois Extension: Asparagus, North Carolina State University Extension: Home Garden Asparagus Production, Texas A&M University Aggie Horticulture: You Say It's Partial Shade, Your Plant Says It's Partial Sun. Tasty shoots are thick, straight, dark green with purple colour at the tightly folded tips. Our larger nursery stock like evergreens and shade trees will typically. She received her Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. Rating: 95 % of 100. One of the oldest and most common varieties, Asparagus Mary Washington (Asparagus officinalis) is fast growing and extremely hardy. This plant will produce medium size, thick spears over and over. Please log in or register. Box 185750 South Monroe St.Waterloo, WI 53594. Bare Root - Cut open the bundle (top and roots are tied) and separate all the plants. Husky, 2-year old, extra-heavy roots. Abundant slender spears producedduring spring. ‘Viking KBC’ – This is a newer hybrid variety in a mix of male and female plants. "Mary Washington" asparagus (Asparagus officinalis "Mary Washington") is one of the older and most common asparagus varieties. A succulent tender high yielding variety that produces delicious dark green colour spears with a purple tinge, Mary Washington is quite resistant to rust, making it an ideal variety for a more organic type of gardening. Questions? The guarantee must be purchased at the time of checkout and cannot be added after your order has been completed. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Spread a 1-inch layer of finished compost in the bottom of the furrows, then cover the compost with 1 inch of soil. Place the 1-year-old "Mary Washington" asparagus crowns 12 to 18 inches apart in the furrows with the crowns facing up. Asparagus is a super vegetable for cooking and it is easy to grow, too! We can delivey any size, but typically this shipping method is used for oversize items that FedEx cannot ship. FREE Shipping on orders of $125+* $19.99. These asparagus plants are perennials, and this variety can easily produce for up to 20 years! All bare-root plants must be trimmed when planted. Asparagus does not like to have its feet “wet,” so be sure your bed has good drainage. Since we grow all of our nursery stock our availability changes every year. All asparagus is preorder and ships separately than seeds within an order. After its release in 1919, 'Mary Washington' became the most popular standard asparagus variety grown. Perennial asparagus can grow in the same bed for decades without cultivating the soil annually as with annual vegetables, so adding humus material before planting improves soil structure and drainage and adds nutrients to the soil. $2.75. 8 Reviews Add Your Review. They are reliable to grow every year and tend to produce thick, dark green stalks. Jersey-Supreme 25 Live Asparagus Bare Root Plants -2yr-Crowns from Hand Picked Nursery 4.0 out of 5 stars 195. ASPARAGUS MARY WASHINGTON Pack of 2. Vegetable Asparagus Mary Washington. Our plants are guaranteed to arrive in excellent, viable condition. In summer months, a partial shade site should receive only three to four hours of daily sunlight between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., when sunlight is most intense. The Mary Washington Asparagus is an outstanding variety. Keep the planting bed around asparagus free of weeds and clean up all plant debris in fall. Keep roots covered. Asparagus Mary Washington $ 2.00. Plant Mary Washington Asparagus vegetable seeds in full to partial sun in well-drained soil. Asparagus is planted in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Produces large and tender shoots. Side Dressing: Compost (Nitrogen), 2 inches, 1 time. 25 2nd Year Mary Washington Variety Asparagus Roots/Plants 4.1 out of 5 stars 169. A perennial, this plant can harvested from year after year. Plant Asparagus with the bud facing upward and cover with 3" of soil. 4.8; 18 Reviews . This variety produces hardy stems that are more disease resistant, cold tolerant, and forgiving than other varieties. Latin Name: Asparagus officinalis Site and Soil: full sun and nutrient rich well-drained soils Hardiness: Mary Washington Asparagus is … 2-year-old crowns One of the most widely grown heirloom varieties of Asparagus. This strong grower produces large, rich, green stalks. If it is dry, give it a good soaking with the hose end (no nozzle) watering the soil only, not the leaves. This guarantee does not cover plants that have been destroyed by failure to properly care for the plant, weather, livestock or other animals, drought, insecticides or herbicides, fires, floods, or other neglect. The Mary Washington Asparagus is an outstanding variety. Should you purchase a plant that is no longer available and has been approved for full credit we reserve the right to offer a similar substitution. Asparagus is best planted in early spring or fall, and can be ‘Viking’ is known to produce large yields. Mary Washington 25 Live asparagus bare root plants -2yr-crowns 3.3 out of 5 stars 290. Cut down dead foliage in late fall and side-dress with compost. This perennial vegetable is harvested in spring, producing a high yield of tender spears from a rhizome crown. $42.95. Her work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on other websites. Tender asparagus spears are snapped or cut close to the ground to harvest. The best time to sow is in mid-spring in a rich, loose seed bed. The large, tender spears are high-yielding and disease resistant. Do not expose the roots to sun. With its great taste and long green spears, this variety has been the most popular asparagus in American gardens for the last century. SO tender and fresh tasting, this variety boasts a lovely texture and bright green color. "Mary Washington" asparagus (Asparagus officinalis "Mary Washington") is one of the older and most common asparagus varieties. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. Sowing: Soak Mary Washington asparagus seeds overnight to weaken the hard outer layer, then plant 1/4" deep and 2" apart in a temporary nursery bed. Water the potting soil to keep it moist and grow in a sunny window for one year before transplanting to a permanent bed outdoors. The substitute plant will be shipped at the proper time of year to ensure appropriate planting guides are met. Stick your finger into the soil around 3” to check soil moisture. From the 1930 DM Ferry seed catalog: “A vigorous growing and productive asparagus bred to resist the disease known as Asparagus Rust. Keep the temperature at 70-80 degrees F, and germination should begin in 10-14 days. For best results, add 4 inches of humus material in spring, then incorporate another 4 inches in fall before planting, allowing the materials to break down in the soil over winter. It originated near the Mediterranean Sea and was considered a delicacy by the ancient Greeks. NOTE: #1 bare root size is around 6" tall and wide. If you love Asparagus and have the patience to grow it, then try establishing it yourself, from freshly harvested Asparagus officinalis seeds. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Asparagus grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8 but may thrive in warmer climates if protected from intense summer heat. They should never dry out. Mary Washington asparagus is a perennial vegetable that can be enjoyed for many years without replanting. Mary Washington is a very strong growing and productive strain producing long, thick spears in May and June depending on your season. There is a one-time only replacement policy for plants that have been purchased with a guarantee   We do require a photo sent via email to [email protected] noting the plant condition before any credit is issued. Mary Washington Asparagus provide medium sized spears that are green, crisp, smooth and have a nutty flavour. The easiest way to tell is to touch the soil around the roots. Asparagus is a member of the lily family and is one of the first vegetables ready to harvest in the spring. Plants typically take approximately 6 weeks to establish new roots in your soil. Improved, early and resistant to some types of Asparagus Rust. Mary Washington Asparagus. Asparagus plants need a lot of room to grow, so make sure you pick a spot where they can flourish. A former cake decorator and competitive horticulturist, Amelia Allonsy is most at home in the kitchen or with her hands in the dirt. Asparagus is a … Sow Easy seeds are pelleted with an all-natural coating made from a mix of clay, perlite, and FDA-approved food coloring. Make sure you plant in full sun, well-drained site but moist soil. Planting from seed delays harvest for an additional year, so asparagus is often planted from 1-year-old crowns, producing a small crop in three years and a heavier yield for up to 30 years. Asparagus can be started from seed. Our guarantee only applies to plants that have been planted in a zone recommended for that plant. Prepare a bed of fine, loamy soil to which a liberal dressing of composted manure has been added and tilled in. Mary Washington is an heirloom variety that produces green spears, with dark green tips. As plants start to grow, fill in trench with the additional soil until, by mid-summer, the ground is level. Although no longer used in commercial production, 'Mary Washington' is a parent of many of the modern hybrid varieties. ASPARAGUS 'MARY WASHINGTON' Asparagus officinalis: Member $3.95 Non-Member $4.95. $8.85. Grow in the dark to produce the highly prized white spears. Asparagus plants need a lot of room to grow, so make sure you pick a spot where they can flourish. Cover the asparagus crowns with 2 inches of amended native soil. Make sure you plant in full sun, well-drained site but moist soil. Place your asparagus off to one side of your garden to keep it out of the way when you plow or till the rest of your soil. Its rich green foliage remains attractive long after harvest and is known for its crisp delicious taste. If it is moist, there is no need to water. Fill a 1 1/2-inch-deep seed flat with sterile potting soil and sow the seeds 1/2-inch deep and 2 inches apart in the flat. Mary Washington Asparagus. To plant, make a trench about 6" to 8" deep. Asparagus is a fairly hungry plant and responds well to additional nutrients. Apply finished compost around the plants about once monthly, if desired, to give the asparagus a nutrient boost. Scroll below and click on the orange box “Handling & Planting Guidelines” for an illustration on how to plant these bare root plants. Gradually fill in the furrows with additional soil as the crowns grow throughout summer, adding no more than 3 inches of soil, to leave 1 inch free of soil up to the furrow ridges. Remove all weeds from the planting bed in the spring or fall before planting crowns the following spring, selecting a site in partial shade with good drainage. Plants are male or female. Start the seeds in spring one year before transplanting a permanent bed. Added bonus, it's rust resistant. This traditional open-pollinated variety is still a garden favourite. Mary Washington was developed as a disease resistant variety in 1919 and became the most popular asparagus sold in America for more than 75 years. This is an extremely easy perennial plant to raise cheaply from seed if you have a little patience which will reward you with prolific crops for many years with little effort. Each plant type will be labeled separately for identification. This strong grower produces large, rich, green stalks. Mature size is around 3-4' tall x 12-24" wide. I began with a dozen Mary Washington crowns because that was the only variety locally available. Side Dressing: Compost tea, 0.25 gallons per plant, 1 time. Asparagus is shallow rooted and its feeder roots are near the surface, so the best way to feed it is with a compost mulch (or aged manure). Asparagus Mary Washington seeds 100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO The Mary Washington Asparagus is an extremely popular variety and old heirloom variety as well.

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